Being involved in our communities


OmnicomCares is an idea, a spirit, an attitude, and a belief that the more fortunate should help the less fortunate, and that we should leave things better than we found them.

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American Corporate Partnership

Among the many philanthropic causes supported by Omnicom is American Corporate Partnerships (ACP). We support, as do many of our agencies, their effort to partner corporate mentors with returning veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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Charitable Giving and Pro Bono Work

From Omnicom corporate headquarters to agency offices around the globe, our employees are the lifeblood of a culture that believes in the importance of giving back. We are proud of their commitment and of the time and energy they give to our communities – from organizing fundraising events, to serving on foundation and nonprofit boards, to improving the environment in which children live and play. Here are a few examples of our agency charitable events and programs: