Protecting the Environment


Omnicom is working with our networks and agencies to reduce our environmental impacts, especially when it comes to energy consumed for electricity.

Energy Reduction Initiative

Electricity use at Omnicom accounts for more than a third of our total CO2 emissions and 25 percent of our operational costs. To address both, we created the Omnicom Energy Reduction Initiative, which has been in effect since 2010.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • Green Building: We have several corporate initiatives to improve efficiency through renovations, technology improvements, energy purchases and collaboration with building owners.
  • Lighting: We have special lighting efforts, designed to reduce the impact our commercial buildings have on global CO2 emissions.
  • Computers, Equipment and Supplies: Led by our Strategic Alliance Services (SAS), we use energy-efficient methods of procurement and seek out energy-efficient office equipment such as personal computers and servers, printers and paper sourcing.

Partnering with Agencies

Many Omnicom agencies are passionate about environmental issues and have helped spark innovative solutions for their own operations and our entire network. Omnicom has developed a series of tools to support their efforts, including:

  • Knowledge and Information Sharing: Through OmnicomLink, our agency service intranet site, we provide tools and training materials, gather feedback and highlight creative approaches to engage agency employees and develop programs for their offices.
  • Training Materials: We offer a series of resources to support our Energy Reduction Initiative, including a "Quick Start Checklist" that provides a starting point for agency directors and their designees. We also make these available through OmnicomLink.
  • Support for Sustainability Committees: Omnicom encourages agencies to form active committees to reduce energy use and encourage sustainable practices. In turn, we provide them with supporting data, training, start-up ideas, promotional tools and ongoing advice.
  • Real Estate Guidance: Our corporate Real Estate team works one-on-one with agencies to reduce electricity consumption.

Engaging Omnicom Employees

Hand in hand with our agencies, we have been taking simple steps at our Connecticut office to encourage employees to adopt more sustainable practices. For example, we ask that employees turn off lights and power down computers at the end of the day. We also have a comprehensive recycling program and use high-efficiency, double-sided printing. In 2012, our Greenwich, Connecticut, office partnered with Apple to host our second electronics recycling day, which we opened up to the entire building, regardless of whether the businesses were affiliated with Omnicom. We collected 1,500 lbs. of equipment for recycling.