Online tool can diagnose how a brand can improve its "Amazon health"

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP (VCG), a TPN digital commerce consultancy, announced today that it has released S2 CommerceView, an online diagnostic tool that helps manufacturers address pain points that are hindering its performance selling on Amazon.

S2 CommerceView is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of specific SKUs sold on Amazon, providing recommendations on how to optimize awareness, sales and search activity using a variety of internal factors driven by Amazon.  Its analysis reviews in-depth levers that e-commerce managers use to build their business—creative assets, inventory management, third-party reselling analysis, SEO and merchandising. 

"With S2 CommerceView, VCG can help brands chart a different course of digital commerce success by showing them the gaps and disconnects in their Amazon selling strategy, and plugging those holes up," said Joe Scartz, VCG's Chief Digital Commerce Officer.  "Selling products on Amazon is unlike any other commercial platform.  It has its own sets of rules, boundaries and constraints, but it also can provide opportunities as well.  We can show any product or brand sold on Amazon how to improve its potential for revenue and visibility."

Knowing Your Amazon HealthScoreTM.
The results that come from S2 CommerceView's analysis reflect a Product HealthScoreTM, a ranking that validates and refutes many common and not-so-common issues that brands and manufacturers face.

"Since we have launched this tool and methodology, we have uncovered many opportunities," Scartz said.  For example, we have shown some brands how to improve their inventory management by making simple changes to their supply chain.  We have worked with others to utilize their creative, audio and video more effectively to generate more revenue streams.  And, we continue to work with companies to use better and smarter keywords to fully optimize search results.

"Oars + Alps asks for Product HealthScoresTM on a monthly basis so we can understand immediate opportunities to continue to drive traffic and conversion," said Laura Cox, co-founder and CMO of Oars + Alps, a luxe beauty brand.  "VCG's Product HealthScoreTM review and analysis was pivotal to our brand when we had no previous brand awareness.  The results that were initially uncovered helped us create a 1P vendor fulfillment model for our launch.  But the team went far beyond a typical agency or consultancy by analyzing prices for negotiated Amazon wholesale costs to ensure we were creating maximum profitability." 

"Our brand saw sustained month-over-month of 30 to 50%, and is now a leader in the luxury beauty category with an average 4+ star rating on Amazon.  Based on what we learned from our Product HealthScoreTM Oars + Alps has expanded distribution and gained a foothold in our category."

"With S2 CommerceView," Scartz concluded, " VCG is creating a new standard of reporting for products and brands.  Showing retailers, manufacturers and brand managers how to properly measure commerce on Amazon can go a long way in capturing revenues that, otherwise, would not end up in manufacturers' pockets."

VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP is a consultancy born out of TPN, an Omnicom Group creative commerce agency.  The team works with brands and manufacturers to manage their relationship with digital commerce.

TPN is a creative commerce agency that exists to Make the Buy Happen for some of the most iconic retailers, technology and CPG brands in the world. We specialize in all things commerce—leveraging the agency's core practice areas: Retailer, Shopper, Consumer and Digital Commerce —to create connected experiences that drive sales and build brand commitment. TPN is a part of the DAS Group of Companies. TPN has nine offices located across the U.S. and the U.K. and is celebrating more than three decades of delivering creativity and results.

About the DAS Group of Companies
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