DDB Latina's Ideathon: Creativity Seeking To Influence On A Global Problem In 48 Hrs.

MIAMI, June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The 11th of June of the current year, the 22 offices that comprise the Latin region of DDB Worldwide (US Hispanic + Latin America + Spain) will connect all their talent to look for ideas to help solve the inequality that today's women face.

Media is invited to join us for a press conference on Friday, June 12 at 1:00 pm at Alma Agency's Miami-based office, where a group of talented women and leaders from different fields and spokespersons for the cause will be selecting the best idea. Media can also join us on Thursday, June 11 at 11am to cover how local teams from "Alma Agency" work on proposals/ideas. Please contact us at +1 305-793-2495 or email [email protected] for more information and to gain press access.

These offices plan to put aside their normal work hours to generate innovative proposals that will later be presented to a prestigious jury based in the city of Miami. The teams will consist of all departments from the agency, aiming to not only limit ideas to the creative teams, but also include other points of views in areas such as finance, production, accounts, planning, etc.

Among the personalities invited are: Maria Elena Salinas –Anchor from Noticiero Univision, Silvina Moschini –Entrepreneur and Technology Contributing Expert from CNN en Espanol, Leila Cobo –Billboard Executive Director, and Maria Gabriela Hoch –Global Leadership Network Member from the organization Vital Voices, established by Hillary Rodham Clinton, among others.

This initiative will take place every year covering different social issues, in order to demonstrate that creative talent is capable of generating ideas that will help transform the reality of our world.

"Our teams will apply integrated thinking and most of the ideas will have a strong technological component that will demonstrate how interaction between people changes human reality," shared John Isaza, VP of Planning.

"We live in a world in real time and only a network such as DDB Latina, which understands this new reality, is able to integrate its teams so that in a period of 48 hours influential ideas are created," said Juan Carlos Ortiz, President and Creative Chairman of DDB Americas.


DDB Latina was the first network in integrating the Latin markets around the world (US Hispanic, Latin America & Spain) with the main objective of consolidating and highlighting the creativity, passion, and thinking of the Latin culture to the world.

In response to its vision of "Influencia", in 2009 DDB Latina evolves its operational model to "Triplas", where Planners, Creatives and Digitals incorporate their knowledge from the beginning of the strategic thinking and process to produce their Creativity: Ideas that influence.

DDB Latina or the "United" Region with presence in 29 offices in 22 countries, including the Caribbean, it's part of DDB worldwide (with more than 200 offices in more than 90 countries), both are part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (OMC).

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