New Study From ONE HUNDRED Reveals Four Critical Factors For Nonprofits To Succeed In An Ever Expanding And Crowded Market

"Influencers in Philanthropy" Examines Insights and Trends of 100 of the Nation's Leading Influencers in Philanthropy

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, ONE HUNDRED released research ( that examines the ways in which philanthropy is changing and the new forces behind these changes. Four themes emerge from a series of in-depth discussions and research with leaders from well-established organizations and start-ups.  The themes, which range from strong reminders about breaking down silos to embracing the choice between innovation and closing down, came with valuable advice and words of caution. ONE HUNDRED, launched in April 2016 by Omnicom, is a multi-disciplinary, marketing communications offering designed to connect the nonprofit sector with leading experts in brand reputation, marketing and fundraising from across Omnicom's DAS portfolio of brands.

"We often hear of the passion and strength of 'the people' as the critical factor that enables nonprofits to have a positive impact on society. Through our discussions and research – as well as in our day-to-day work – it became evident that while 'the people' are certainly an asset, it is integration across the organization, and throughout the community, that can truly maximize impact," says Brian Crimmins, Managing Partner, ONE HUNDRED and CEO Changing Our World, Inc. 

More specifically, the research reveals:

  • Harness Feedback: Don't Just Listen, Hear What Your Stakeholders are Saying;
  • Smash Silos: Lack of Integration Puts the Mission at Risk;
  • Measure the Mission: Demonstrating ROI is a Table Stake;
  • Shift or Shut: Be Willing to Pivot Direction.

"Whether you are a company, political official, NGO or Foundation, we are all competing for mind share," says Monica Marshall, Partner, ONE HUNDRED and SVP, Director Ketchum Purpose.  "To truly break through, you cannot underestimate the need to break down silos and have programs, marketing, communications and fundraising work hand in hand."

The study also reveals that philanthropic leaders are struggling to balance a challenging communications and fundraising environment with an increased need – and desire – to help more people. There is a strong push to innovate, but scaling success to benefit larger populations – whether geographically or simply in greater numbers – is posing challenges to new charities and well-established organizations alike. To address these pressing issues, organizations need strong, dedicated and passionate teams.  While these organizations generally benefit from strong senior leadership, they struggle to build bench strength. 

ONE HUNDRED is a multi-disciplinary offering designed to connect the nonprofit sector with leading experts in brand reputation, marketing and fundraising from across Omnicom's DAS portfolio of agency brands. The fully integrated service collective addresses the growing needs of the nonprofit sector, which today represents one of the largest and most vibrant industries in the country. We are comprised of the best and brightest agency partners across Omnicom Group – providing efficient and impactful solutions – making our clients more successful than any other partner in the market. Our collective includes Changing Our World, Critical Mass, Ketchum, Interbrand, Porter Novelli and Russ Reid. We provide integrated teams who think, create and execute together, providing solutions that are seamless, more efficient and more engaging. ONE HUNDRED is part of the DAS Group of Companies. (

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