Communispace Changes Name to C Space to Reflect Customer Inspired Growth

Customer collaboration consultancy unifies its global brand to represent the growing power and influence of consumers in today's marketplace

BOSTON, June 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Communispace, a global customer collaboration consultancy, announced the change of its name to C Space, reflecting its commitment to helping brands partner with their customers to drive business growth. Promise Communispace and Jigsaw International, the agency's European and Asian consultancies, will also operate under the C Space name, unifying the company's global brand.

"Our new promise is Customer Inspired Growth," said C Space CEO Charles Trevail. "This captures the essence of what we have always believed: customers are the creative and essential force to help businesses stay agile and adapt in order to keep growing and succeed."

In addition to its customer collaboration capabilities, C Space's consulting team helps businesses grow based on customer inspiration; its innovation team allows clients to tap into customers' creativity; and its storytelling and creative services teams help organizations act quickly and create business impact. C Space's significant presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia is helping multinational clients grow through a deeper understanding of consumers and their fast-changing needs.

"It's exciting to have all of our global brands under one new name," said Diane Hessan, C Space's Founder and Chairman. "More importantly, this rebranding is a reflection of our broader set of capabilities. Where we were once known mainly as a community provider, our new name reflects the depth we have in many areas, such as storytelling and innovation consulting."

The new name and brand promise recognizes the increased power and choice of customers in today's global marketplace. The "C" stands for the customer, and the "Space" is where brands and customers work together via online communities, in-person events, and other unique collaboration methods, bringing brands closer to the people they serve to achieve Customer Inspired Growth.

For more on how C Space works with brands to drive Customer Inspired Growth, watch this video and read CEO Charles Trevail's blog post on the news.

About C Space
C Space, formerly Communispace, is the leading customer collaboration agency that connects the world's best-known brands with the people they serve to create Customer Inspired Growth. In a time when consumers have more choice and power than ever before, building ongoing relationships with customers is the most important investment a company can make. Our range of services builds customer-centric cultures and enables our clients to act with confidence and agility because they have designed the customer into their entire organization. Through private online communities, immersive storytelling, activation events, and innovation projects, C Space fosters new connections between companies and their customers, allowing them to design better products and experiences, improve business performance, and achieve measurable growth.

Headquartered in Boston, London, and Shanghai, C Space has offices in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Mexico City. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @CSpaceGlobal. C Space is a part of the DAS Group of Companies.

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