Investing in education and training

Each year, we make substantial investments in education and training, which include basic skills training all the way through our advanced Omnicom University for current and future leaders. We also continue to ramp up digital training, so that all our employees have a deep understanding of how to leverage new technologies and channels for clients and their brands.


Omnicom invests millions in professional development for our agency leaders through OmnicomUniversity, which claims more than 3,500 global alumni.

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Emerging Stars

Emerging Stars brings together top junior talent, from across all of the Omnicom networks, and exposes them to multiple marketing disciplines and gives them the experience of working on an integrated team. Each team is given a “live” integrated marketing brief from one of Omnicom’s largest clients. It culminates in a competitive ‘pitch’ in front of selected Omnicom Agency CEOs and a senior representative from the Client involved in the brief.


Agency Programs

The company offers the industry’s richest opportunities for individual growth, with offerings that include Omnicom University, Catalyst at DDB, BBDO University, Tiger Academy at TBWA, Ketchum University, OMD Foundations, and more – all contributing to enhancing employees’ professional breadth and our success in retaining top talent.