New Study From ONE HUNDRED Reveals Four Critical Themes Nonprofits Must Prioritize In An Ever Expanding And Crowded Market

"Influencers in Philanthropy" Examines Insights and Trends of 100 Leading Influencers in Philanthropy

NEW YORK, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ONE HUNDRED, a multi-disciplinary agency connecting purpose-driven organizations with leading experts in brand reputation, marketing and fundraising from across Omnicom, released a report ( that explores the changing trends in the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors—what they are, what causes them, and how they will impact the future of these fields and, by extension, the world. (PRNewsfoto/ONE HUNDRED)

ONE HUNDRED, launched in April 2016, uses the power of partnership to empower purposeful change, making lasting impacts where they are most needed and inspiring others to do the same.   Comprised of the best and brightest agencies from across Omnicom Group, ONE HUNDRED brings together some of the world's most renowned, effective leaders in purpose definition, branding, public relations, digital, fundraising, cause marketing, business strategy, and research and analysis. We provide integrated teams who think, create and execute together, providing solutions that are seamless, more efficient and more engaging. We understand that at the core, purpose-driven organizations align people's passions to make our world a better place. ONE HUNDRED knows this passion well – it drives us in our work every day.

The research included interviewing and researching over 100 leaders who are heads of the largest nonprofits and foundations in the world, mega philanthropists, or corporate executives in charge of exceptional CSR departments. We also examined existing recent literature to supplement ONE HUNDRED's extensive knowledge base from its internal expertise to reveal four key themes. These major takeaways will inform and further the work being done all over the world in the service of bettering lives, communities, and institutions.

"For the past three years, we have witnessed the transformative impact that strong leadership can have on an organization and its impact. We know that to drive real change and progress leaders must be visionary, embrace change, question the status quo, and be deeply engaged in learning from and shaping the social and philanthropic landscape around us. Most of all, the leaders and influencers we spoke with in this report truly inspire us and others to take action in big and small ways," said Brian Crimmins, Managing Partner, ONE HUNDRED and CEO Changing Our World, Inc. 

More specifically, the research reveals:

  • Collaboration: Finding common ground and pooling resources will increase impact without diluting mission;
  • Technology: The nonprofit sector is often late to integrate and utilize new technologies due to limited resources and competing demands;
  • Next Generation Donors: While Millennials and Gen Zers exhibit similar donor behavior than those before them, a shrinking middle class presents a challenge to fundraisers; and,
  • Effectiveness of Philanthropy: Philanthropy cannot fix the world's problems on its own, but it plays a unique role in filling gaps that governments cannot.

"It has been extremely refreshing and moving to get new viewpoints and learn about the trends, disruptions, challenges, and opportunities industry leaders are up against every day," Crimmins said. "These leaders tell us, in their own words, what concerns them, who and what organizations they admire, and how they see the future of philanthropy moving in a rapidly changing world. The end result provides extraordinary insight into the philanthropic landscape we face currently and a window into what leaders see ahead in the near and distant future."

ONE HUNDRED is comprised of the best and brightest agency partners from across Omnicom Group – providing efficient and impactful solutions – making our clients more successful than any other partner in the market. Our unparalleled expertise spans brand reputation, marketing and fundraising. We can do things most individual agencies and philanthropic organizations can only dream of. Campaigns for every medium. Cutting edge digital experiences for every device. The right message at the right time and place. We are experts at helping organizations re-align, re-focus, and re-discover the right way to mold public perception of a cause.

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