FleishmanHillard Launches Global Practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk

VOX Global Partners with FleishmanHillard on Multisector Offering to Provide Complete Cybersecurity Communications and Public Affairs Solutions

ST. LOUIS, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- FleishmanHillard has launched the global practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk, which will provide clients with a complete range of services to help them cope with data security and privacy challenges inherent in today's digital society. VOX Global, a unit of FleishmanHillard, will provide sector-specific experience and data security expertise through a complementary practice based in Washington, D.C.

"With technology advancing at breakneck speed, companies must anticipate and prepare for the massive challenges data collection and sharing can pose," said Dave Senay, president and CEO of FleishmanHillard. "We know from experience that a siloed approach won't work, and we want to ensure our clients have access to integrated teams of top experts. We have created the global practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk to provide clients with a comprehensive and holistic capability to address those challenges."

The global practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk will ensure clients have access to FleishmanHillard's leading experts in cyber preparedness, privacy, regulatory and legislative affairs, crisis, and employee engagement, as well as world-leading experts in other disciplines with whom FleishmanHillard has partnered over the years in working on cybersecurity projects and data breach management.

Counselors are globally aligned and reside in the firm's unparalleled network of 88 offices in 31 countries. In addition, FleishmanHillard holds working relationships with many of the top cybersecurity and investigations firms, top cyber law firms, and major cyber insurance underwriters. The group's mission will be to provide clients with a one-stop shop to address data-specific challenges in four areas:

  • Data Breach Preparedness and Response: The firm will work with clients ahead of time to identify and minimize vulnerabilities, create detailed plans for responding to data breaches, and run realistic simulations. Should a breach occur, FleishmanHillard and VOX Global counselors are instantly available to execute reputation management and recovery plans on site, in partnership with the client's top executives.
  • Employee Awareness and Engagement: Many threats to privacy or the security of vital data originate on the inside. Employee errors – falling victim to phishing attacks, losing credentials or leaving firewalls open – can provide hackers with the opportunities they need. FleishmanHillard works with clients to create effective employee awareness and training programs to make every employee a guardian of the organization's data and a protector of its reputation.
  • Privacy Protection Communications and Advocacy: As privacy and personal information security become more prominent concerns for consumers around the world, the agency works with clients to help them define and communicate their policies and their roles in protecting stakeholder information. It also works with clients to help them advocate for evolving policies that would benefit their stakeholders, all the while positioning the clients as stewards of their stakeholders' information.
  • Public Affairs Regulatory and Legislative Counsel: With a range of regulators, legislative bodies, and courts around the world constantly redefining the rules of data protection and privacy, clients need to understand today's regulations and anticipate tomorrow's. FleishmanHillard and VOX Global provide public affairs expertise from Washington, Brussels, Beijing and other global capitals to help organizations plan for and – when appropriate – influence the changing regulatory and legislative landscape governing data protection.

"Never before have businesses and policymakers faced the kind of threats posed by cyberterrorism and hackers," said Corey Ealons, former White House spokesperson and chair of the cybersecurity practice at VOX Global. "Cyber and data security are complex issues, and businesses are going to need help navigating public policy, planning for breaches and assuring customers that their data is safe."

The global practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk will be housed within the agency's crisis management practice, through which it can draw on the agency's extensive crisis and issues management experience – along with FleishmanHillard counselors who possess expertise in every industry sector in which the agency operates. The global practice will be operated as a client advisory service and knowledge sharing organization, and will be overseen by five leaders: Chris Nelson, FleishmanHillard's crisis lead for the Americas; Harry Frazier, FleishmanHillard's public affairs' leading data breach counselor; Marjorie Benzkofer, global lead for the agency's reputation management and employee engagement; Tim O'Keeffe, the firm's leading expert in information security advocacy; and Ealons from VOX Global, which also brings a team of sector specialists to the group.

The global practice leaders will work with existing teams of FleishmanHillard's certified crisis counselors in the Americas, EMEA and Asia who are currently engaged in managing data breaches and privacy issues. The team also will work in partnership with key members of the firm's International Advisory Board, such as Leon Panetta, former U.S. Secretary of Defense.

"Every day, we read about yet another company reputation in tatters because the organization didn't anticipate these issues and wasn't prepared to respond at the speed of its audience," said Brian West, global lead of FleishmanHillard's crisis practice. "Whether it's customer information in the U.S., executive information on search engines in the EU or commercial data in Asia, the global practice on Privacy and Cyber Risk will help ensure clients are prepared for the challenges and actively working to shape the information society in which they operate."

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