Porter Novelli''s PNProtect Cybersecurity Crisis Management Offering to Help Clients Predict, Prepare for, Manage and Recover from Digital Attacks

NEW YORK, May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global public relations leader Porter Novelli (PN) announces the launch of PNProtect, a full-service cybersecurity offering to help clients predict, prepare for, identify, monitor, manage and recover from online threats and attacks. Powered by Rook Security, a best-in-class cybersecurity technology company, PNProtect addresses what is fast becoming the biggest dual threat to businesses: online attacks and the resulting reputation damage. Whether you're trying to predict your company's level of risk, deal with an active crisis or recover from a breach, PNProtect will help manage and mitigate the issues along the way.

"PNProtect is an innovative enhancement to Porter Novelli's existing crisis management specialty," said Karen van Bergen, chief executive officer, Porter Novelli. "This offering covers all the bases for our clients, from heading off potential attacks to ensuring organizations are prepared in the case of a breach to recovering from and minimizing the damage of an attack. PNProtect and our talented team of reputation management experts will be with you every step of the way."

Porter Novelli and Rook Security work together to provide support for clients in three distinct stages of reputation and crisis management:

Predict & Prepare
In an ideal world, a company is able to identify and address cyber threats before they become full-blown attacks. PNProtect begins with a reputation audit and analysis of a client's "threat score." This score is determined using PNProtect's proprietary system and in-depth monitoring of the "deep web," where hackers often operate under the radar. Knowing the likelihood of an attack and a client's vulnerability, Porter Novelli helps clients offset as much risk as possible, while at the same time ensuring they are prepared in the event that an attack does happen. Crisis experts develop a crisis playbook to guide the company's response in the case of an attack.

Manage & Protect
In the event of an attempted attack or data breach, PNProtect quickly identifies the source and engages with clients to address the situation in real-time. Meanwhile, Porter Novelli's world-class crisis communications specialists, who have counseled clients ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to White House decision-makers, provide ongoing strategic counsel and support for tactical execution. PN's Mobile Crisis Response Platform, an app that puts the playbook and a variety of crisis management tools at your fingertips, provides additional support to clients who are on the go. Rook's technical incident responders are also available to augment client IT teams, bringing a wealth of experience to bear in handling incidents at the technical level.

Recover & Restore
Porter Novelli has helped clients manage through a wide variety of complex crises and cyber-security incidents. Through best-in-class media monitoring and online listening capabilities, PNProtect helps assess when the trajectory of a negative narrative can be shifted and redirected, and PN experts then develop a strategy for recovery and comeback. PNProtect, combined with counsel from Porter Novelli's most seasoned crisis experts, guides a company through the steps to right the ship, ensure customers and stakeholders are protected and minimize damage to a company's reputation.

"PNProtect brings clients the technical support and insight they need combined with the personalized counsel and expert advice that is essential in a crisis," said JJ Thompson, CEO, Rook Security. "We're thrilled to partner with Porter Novelli to bring this unique offering to market to protect both brands and consumers."

PNProtect is available to clients immediately. For more information, visit http://www.porternovelli.com/offerings/services/pnprotect.

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