SSCG Media Group Announces the Launch of ChannelDX™, a Media Channel Planning Tool Focused on Healthcare Professionals

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SSCG Media Group, one of the industry’s largest healthcare media planning and buying agencies, announced the launch of ChannelDX™, a media channel planning tool focused on healthcare professionals (HCPs). It was co-developed in collaboration with Nielsen. ChannelDX™ will enable SSCG strategists to identify the optimal channel mix for client campaigns, improve the efficiency of investment strategies, and drive long-term results for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. ChannelDX™ covers a broad range of HCP specialties across a wide selection of media channels, including digital and emerging media types, making it the first of its kind.

To date, syndicated channel planning tools have only existed for mainstream consumer brands. This has left a void in the ability for healthcare marketers to leverage automation in order to further optimize channel mix for brands targeting HCPs. By working with Nielsen, SSCG developed a proprietary, data-driven tool that allows for the transformation of data sources into actionable insights for more dynamic planning.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing the large-scale, proprietary HCP media intelligence and insight from SSCG Media Group together with the software-driven intelligence from Nielsen to offer this unique industry first. Now more than ever, agencies and clients need this level of cross-channel rigor as the media landscape becomes ever more complex, and as our quest to understand and impact HCP behavior becomes more intensified,” says Debbie Renner, CEO, SSCG Media Group.

“In today’s environment, advertisers and agencies have a greater need for flexible products that are customizable and deliver on key business objectives,” said Jay Wofsy, SVP, Planning and Ad Intel, Nielsen. “We are excited about our relationship with SSCG Media Group as we are marrying our technology with their first-party data to help solve key business challenges. The new solution allows for better strategic planning that offers a view of multiple planning scenarios based on market insights, investment and campaign objectives for more refined channel and budget allocation.” 

ChannelDX™ aims to align campaign objectives with what motivates HCPs to engage with or use specific media channels for professional purposes. The tool ingests information about brand strategy, target audience and channel capabilities, including advertising impact, effective investment levels and maximum reach. ChannelDX™ helps determine which channels are most effective in achieving brand objectives, along with the impressions needed to effectively drive engagement. This allows SSCG media planners to identify the point of diminishing returns for paid media channels, ultimately aiding in how total media budget should be allocated across each channel. Overall, ChannelDX™ will help answer many important questions for clients targeting HCPs, and inform smarter, data-driven recommendations.

ChannelDX™ was developed exclusively to benefit clients of SSCG Media Group and is available for immediate use.

About SSCG Media Group:
As the Media Center of Excellence for Omnicom Health Group, one of largest and most diversified global healthcare advertising and communications networks in the world, SSCG is dedicated to building connections between healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and important life-science brands by pioneering innovative media strategies that encourage meaningful conversations and drive better patient outcomes. SSCG’s core media service offerings include Audience Development, Media Strategy, Planning, Buying of Non-Personal Promotion (NPP), Research & Strategic Insights and Data & Analytics. As part of OHG’s Best of Health™ network, SSCG has access to talent, tools and technology that accelerates brand growth for Pharmaceutical clients.