Omniwomen serves as a catalyst for increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network. It brings together employees who identify as women, and their allies, in an open and supportive environment for networking and learning. Omniwomen’s interactive and engaging programming provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, build skills and share experiences with your peers. 

Omniwomen is represented globally, with over 19 chapters worldwide. Each year, we work to expand the reach of Omniwomen and launch new chapters. If you would like to join an Omniwomen chapter, or are interested in starting a chapter of your own, please fill out this interest form.

Chapter Highlights

Omniwomen China created the ‘Thank You, Thank Her’ video in honor of International Women’s Day. The video compiles true narratives and authentic stories from both men and women in Greater China who pay tribute to the female forces that inspire us with their resilience and courage in life. 

Omniwomen UK + Allies 2021 Summit

Omniwomen UK’s annual summit followed the theme (Re) Learn to Lead. This year, a variety of intelligent speakers gathered virtually to discuss the challenges of lockdown, remote working and the unprecedented change we have all had to live through. Through a virtual setting, the summit hosted just under 800 attendees.

Omniwomen Chicago Monthly Meetings

Omniwomen Chicago brings its chapter together each month to unpack a new theme featuring guest speakers. Themes have included, Curating Your Space, Setting Boundaries and Growth + Gratitude.

Omniwomen New York launched the first publication of its Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining More Diverse Women Toolkit. The New York advocacy team, in partnership with Omnicom’s DE&I leads, rolled the toolkit out to agency leadership across New York, which includes both a playbook and research report.

Omniwomen China and BBDO acknowledged the new “ceiling” that women in the workplace are hitting these days – “Labels”. Women from all different areas of expertise gathered to share their experiences and collective belief in ‘NO LABELS’ as the most powerful tool to break this new ceiling facing women at work these days.