Omniwomen serves as a catalyst for increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network. It brings together employees who identify as women, and their allies, in an open and supportive environment for networking and learning. Omniwomen’s interactive and engaging programming provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, build skills and share experiences with your peers. 

Omniwomen is represented globally, with over 19 chapters worldwide. Each year, we work to expand the reach of Omniwomen and launch new chapters. If you would like to join an Omniwomen chapter, or are interested in starting a chapter of your own, please fill out this interest form.

Chapter Highlights

Omniwomen UK + Allies Rewired 2022 Summit

Omniwomen UK + Allies celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting its annual summit. With the theme “Rewired 2022”, the full-day summit encouraged leaders and future leaders to Rewire themselves for a Haywire World – to find the solutions, resources and inner strength to live and lead in this era of constant and relentless change. To learn more about the summit, visit the @OmniwomenUK+Allies Instagram page.

Omniwomen New York End of Year Celebration

Omniwomen New York celebrated its members, allies and 2022 mentorship program undergraduates with an event focused on self-care. The group gathered to hear guest speaker, Jeanette Bronèe, share her wisdom as a well-being expert, coach and author of The Self-Care Mindset.

Omniwomen Global
Omniwomen Global celebrated Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2023 with a session hosted by Francesca Gino, award-winning researcher, acclaimed author and Harvard Business School and Omnicom University professor. Francesca educated Omniwomen and our allies on how to have more productive, creative and fulfilling lives.

Omniwomen Global continued its “Stronger In” series with a variety of vibrant speakers from across the Omnicom network. With plans to carry on in 2023, the series will feature new topics and keynote speakers.

The Global team also pursued various training sessions aimed to educate, inspire and strengthen the minds and skillsets of the Omniwomen community.