DDB China Group launches talent exchange program China Desk to develop their employees

A DDB Berliner in Shanghai: the story of Marc Kaufholz, an exchange employee from DDB Germany

SHANGHAI, CHINA – From July 1st, a new foreign face appeared at DDB Shanghai office. Every morning he would arrive early at work and start his day with a cup of black coffee. Although he doesn’t speak much Chinese, he would attend team meetings with his colleagues, discussing creative design and digital marketing. He is Marc Kaufholz, Senior Designer from DDB Berlin office.

Marc arrived at Shanghai as DDB exchange employee thanks to the China Desk Program, an internal exchange program launched by DDB China Group. Knowing that DDB is a huge communications network with more than 200 offices in 90+ countries worldwide, DDB China Group has launched the China Desk to promote an exchange of creative talents and establishing friendships that know no boarders.

Nowadays, DDB China Group encourages all employees from DDB global community to participate in the China Desk exchange program. The conditions are pretty simple: applicants should be nice, talented and passionate. The only criterion is that such chance is given to those who stayed with DDB for over 3 years. Once the applicant is approved, DDB will cover travel expenses, help with visa application and arrange a new desk here, in Shanghai. At the same time, a DDB employee from China will substitute the applicant in another country.

Marc Kaufholz worked at DDB Berlin for over five years now. He has a solid professional background and a profound knowledge of the latest trends in the industry. Right now, Marc spends his summer working at DDB Shanghai together with Tribal Worldwide digital team to develop creative business solutions for Skittles, Hennessy and World of Warcraft.

“I feel grateful to all people who made this happen, and I feel happy I can work and travel at the same time. This is a chance everybody dreams about! I love DDB Shanghai office: it’s very spacious and much better decorated than the one in Berlin,” says Marc Kaufholz. “Here they have a spacious kitchen, open-air patio and a pool table, we don’t have that back in Berlin. DDB also arranged an apartment for me, which is only ten minutes walk from the office, so I don’t have problems with commuting. I love Chinese food, especially dumplings, Beijing duck and dim sum. Those are my favorites! 

Marc is waiting for his girlfriend to arrive in China in the end of the summer, so they can go traveling together and visit cities such as Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao and Xiamen. The exchange program will last for three months after which Marc will return to Germany bringing with him warm and loving memories of China.

While Marc enjoys his “exchange” life in Shanghai, his Chinese counterpart Wu Jing, Associate Creative Director from DDB Shanghai office is getting to know the German culture at DDB Berlin office. Over the exchange period, Wu Jing will learn more about the German market and branding strategies. He will also have a chance to exchange knowledge and latest “know-how” with his German colleagues.

Marc Kaufholz and Wu Jing are two DDB ambassadors who proudly carry the mission of culture exchange and knowledge sharing between two DDB offices. DDB China Group is the first agency in China that offers overseas exchange opportunity to their employees. It is DDB’s commitment to provide its employees with valuable and eye-opening experience because of company’s core values of humanity and creativity. There will be plenty of DDBers like Marc and Wu Jing in the future. Do you want to be the next one?

About DDB China Group

DDB China Group https://www.ddbchina.com is united behind our founder, Bill Bernbach’s belief that creativity is the most powerful force in business. Today, we use this creativity to develop ideas that people want to play with, participate in, and pass on. We call this social creativity.

DDB China Group comprises DDB, DDB Guoan, and Tribal Worldwide with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The agency is one of the most awarded agencies across Greater China, leading in creativity and effectiveness. The Global Effie Effectiveness Index ranks us the number one most effective agency office in Greater China 2012 and Campaign Asia Pacific has consistently placed the agency in the top of the Greater China Agency of the Year Awards.In the ‘2014 China Agency Scope’ released by global marketing consultancy R3, DDB China Group has been named as the ‘Best Overall – Performance Agency‘ ranked by marketers.