RXMOSAIC Welcomes Healthcare Industry Veteran Jen Fuhrman-Kestler To Lead Key Clients And Healthcare Innovation

NEW YORK, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —RXMOSAIC (RXM) today announces the appointment of Jen Fuhrman-Kestler as Executive Director. An industry expert known for inspiring teams, driving business growth, and championing brave work, in her new role Fuhrman-Kestler will further Healthcare innovation capability and oversee key strategic client relationships. She brings a successful track record of results and new business wins with two decades’ experience.

“Welcoming Jen to the RXM team is another step in realizing the Agency’s vision of innovating not only in communications work, but also in how we build next-generation teams for our clients,” says Jennifer O’Neill, Managing Director, Healthcare, for RXM and Marina Maher Communications. “We uniquely designed Jen’s role to service one of our largest global clients crossing oncology and corporate, which will leverage her expertise and stellar background in digital innovation. It’s the perfect marriage for the business.”

An award-winning marketer joining RXM from Golin, where she served as EVP Healthcare, Fuhrman-Kestler’s rich experience includes delivery of both thought-leadership and consumer initiatives furthering reputational lift; work on a range of clients including Humana, Teva, Kaiser Permanente, Astellas and J&J; stakeholder relationship management and partnership development; and digital, social and influencer content creation. The important topics she has touched range from enabling patient safety during COVID; curbing the opioid epidemic; and educating clients and consumers alike across verticals such as oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, allergy, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Of her move to RXM, Fuhrman-Kestler says, “I’m energized to join this impressive team that shares my passion for the advancement and evolution of healthcare. RXM is a formidable player helping lead meaningful industry impact and transformation in partnership with their clients, and I’m extremely proud to be here. Connecting the dots between complex strategy and tactical execution, partnering to solve problems, and building new capabilities that further business goals, patient outcomes, and the communications discipline‚Ķthese are the things that truly drive me as a leader.”

Throughout COVID, RXM’s expertise in science and innovation has led to continued growth. Fuhrman-Keslter is one of many recent hires who will further drive the agency forward in partnership with RXM Deputy Director, Andrea Pellicciari.

RXMOSAIC is known as the healthcare communications lab: a place filled with passionately obsessed minds, rich data, and the latest tools to invent the next generation of healthcare communications to drive our clients’ businesses forward. With a proud team of geeks, explorers, and futurists, the agency is committed to continual research and validation to unearth new and often unexpected insights; employs a hybrid approach to problem-solving that marries science with creativity; and possesses the uncanny ability to unite multiple stakeholder POVs under a common vision. RXM brings boutique-style energy backed by Omnicom Group global resources, and in partnership with Marina Maher Communications, to lead healthcare communications innovation in a rapidly changing world.

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